Spa Gift Set by Waxing Kara

Spa Gift Set by Waxing Kara

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A perfect gift! Treat your skin to a spa treatment with this lavender & rose scented Spa Gift Set by Waxing Kara.

Contains Body Butter, Body Scrub and Candle, all by Waxing Kara.

Spa Duo is the perfect treatment for dry, dull skin. Packed with the antioxidant-rich oils of lavender, rose and geranium to help combat dullness and signs of aging, the rich, nourishing formulas of Spa Scrub and Butter provide a light floral fragrance of lavender & rose to the skin while delivering serious moisture.

Waxing Kara’s Spa scented candle features a custom blended Spa scent of lavender, geranium and rose. Designed to brighten, provide aromatherapy and warm your body with nourishing oil for dry skin. Some call this a massage candle. Our customers call it heaven.

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