Detox + Restore Bath Salts

Detox + Restore Bath Salts

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Calm your mind, relax your muscles, and wash away toxins with our non-toxic Detox + Restore Bath Salts. Scented with 100% Therapeutic grade Lavender essential oils and organic dried lavender buds. New 2 oz size now available, exclusive to our site.

Handmade in small batches. Charged in the moonlight with positive intentions.


  • Himalayan pink salt (detox skin & body)

  • Epsom Salts (relaxes muscles and relieves any soreness or aches)

  • 100% Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil

  • Organic, dried French Lavender buds

*This product has no hidden ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives, therefore, store in a cool, dark place.*

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