Top three things you need this weekend!


Memorial Day is upon us, and whether you are hitting the beach or having a “stay-cation” we are listing the top three things you will need this weekend. 




Whether you are lounging at the pool, the beach, or in the backyard, SPF is a necessary.  Even just a little bit of sun exposure can cause premature wrinkling, sunburns, and irreversible damage.  We love a sunscreen that is light, can be paired with makeup, and is made with integrity. Right now, we are loving all sunscreen products by Babo.  Check out their “Daily Sheer Sunscreen Facial Sunscreen 40” that is perfect for a variety of uses and is made with jojoba oil, rose hip, and green tea.  


A Hat

While sunscreen is vital to protecting your skin and keeping it youthful, a hat adds necessary and essential protection.  Wearing a hat outside is not only great way to shield your face, but it also helps to prevent damage from your ears and neck and can help you from squinting, which triggers wrinkles around the eyes.  A hat is also a great accessory to any outfit, and a straw hat is a classic vacation staple.  We love a neutral straw hat for spring and summer, and our favorite brand is Lack of Colour.  Check out our top pick and their collection of to-die-for straw hats.


A Travel Bag

Every girl knows how important it is to accessorize with a cute purse or clutch. It holds our entire world, like our phones, Nourish and Refine’s rosewater spray, and more.  We love a summer-inspired handbag that is light, easy to carry, but can fit all of our essentials.  One of our favorite bags is this adorable pom-pom pouch bag & Mirabel tote, both by Shiraleah.

Nourish & Refine