Your New Summer Skincare Routine


Sunshine is here to stay! We have finally made it to Summer, and we are dying to soak up some rays, listen to afternoon thunderstorms, and enjoy extra time with friends and family. Summer also brings some beauty challenges, such as humidity, which requires us to modify our skin routine for the warmer months. We want to avoid excess oil, sweat, and shine while keeping our skin hydrated. Say hello to your new summer skincare routine!


Step 1: 

We love to prep our skin with a few sprays of Nourish and Refine’s Invoke Love + Promote Happiness, a pure white rosewater. Rosewater helps to combat several summer skin challenges. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and irritation and soothes burnt skin. Rosewater provides an extra dose of hydration while removing any built-up of pollution in the pores. Use throughout the day for a refreshed and radiant glow.


Step 2:

This shouldn’t replace your daily glass of fresh orange juice, but this will definitely help your skin! A Vitamin C serum packs a lot of punch. It is proven to soften wrinkles, fight acne scars, and blur dark spots. Our favorite Vitamin C serum is from Ursa Major and is made with some of our favorite ingredients including rose hip, aspen bark, aloe, and rose. 

Step 3:

To top off our summer skincare routine, we like to mix in Nourish and Refine’s Protect + Nourish, a natural luxury face oil. This face oil is versatile and can be used in a number of ways. It can be used right after the shower, on the ends of your hair for a boost of deep moisture, or mixed in with your favorite face moisturizer. It is light enough to be worn every day, and the level of hydration is buildable – a little goes a long way! We like to wear our luxury face oil to help fight fine lines and to protect our skin from pollution.


Nourish & Refine